Monday 3 July

So, our website is live!

Some details need finalising so keep your eyes on this page and our social feeds for updates on those involved and what you can expect on the day. Of course we are still looking for volunteers to help us staff this great poetry (with some music) event so Contact us if you would like to help.

Did you know the Knighton Community Centre has been refurbished? It’s a great venue and on the 9th September you can come and shop at the community market before popping in to hear some poetry, browse some books and learn more about what is happening to support refugees.

Great news

We have been supported by Knighton Town Council to put on this charity event. Not a huge amount of money but every penny counts. Time and involvement counts too! If you would like to support the day by providing your time please Contact us. You can help staff the bookstall or provide marshalling support to visitors. Anyone who has exhibition skills or technical skills around the use of amplification/etc. do tell us. Look out for further updates


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