This site is now an archive of the event held on Saturday 9 September in Knighton, Mid Wales. It will remain accessible into the new year for those interested in seeing what we did, who participated and the results. Any new information will be posted on our News page and our social networking feeds. Our Contact pages are still monitored and anyone who wants to contact our committee members is welcome to message us using the relevant contact forms.

Poetry and Freedom

An exciting chance to experience a free poetry festival in Border country with your favourite Border poets



Call in for as little or as long as you like to the welcoming Community Centre in Knighton, Mid Wales, for our Poetry Marathon – a free poetry festival in support of people displaced by war and violence. We expect that you will stay for longer than you thought you might. Come to hear and see published Poets who are skilled in their use of words and look forward to sharing their poems with you. You can ask questions about their writing, its meaning and why they are helping to raise money for refugees and asylum seekers. Some of them will be interviewed on stage so that you can learn more about their work and motivations.

The poetry festival is supported by nationally known Musicians who will sing and play at times through the day until 9pm.


Celebrate and support National Poetry Day 2017 on the theme of freedom

Be part of the National Poetry Day movement to mark the importance of Freedom for all. Everyone involved is giving their services for free . If you would like to take part in any way do Contact us as we want to include as many people as possible. We hope you also will be able to make a donation, within your means, to help people fleeing conflict and war.

You will be able to browse and buy poetry books including books supplied by the poets. The Castle Bookshop in Ludlow is working with us to supply literature on refugee issues.


Browse poetry books provided by locally based Rack Press and Aardvark Books

You can also enjoy breaks of tea, coffee and cake which will be there for you all day and into the early evening, and there’ll be a space to relax, a space to talk and a space to reflect on what you have heard.


For lots of useful information on poets and poetry, and the organisations who help to support refugees, have a look at our Links page – and of course if we missed something, let us know via our Contact page. For information on our list of wonderful poets and musicians check out our Contributors page.


Your donations will go to support:

  Help Refugees          @helprefugeesUK

  Click the button to go to Help Refugee’s donation page.

To donate directly to Knighton and District Refugee Support Group please contact our admin staff at: info@knightonrefugeesupport.org


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